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If you're looking for outstanding Crete luxury villas that offer superior facilities, we at Villa Thalló pride ourselves on offering guests the most professional services available. If you would like your Chania holidays to be an unforgettable experience of ultimate indulgence and pampering, Villa Thalló is the perfect choice. Not to mention that Villa Thalló is an entirely new construction waiting to welcome its first guests!


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Family-friendly establishments, whether resorts or private villas, are not easy to come by. At Villa Thalló in Crete family accommodation is our top priority. If the kids are happy then everyone is happy, and we assure you: our Chania luxury accommodation guarantees a great holiday for everyone. Our villa isn't just for honeymooners. While it offers exclusive services and amenities, many of which are reserved for top-notch Mediterranean resorts, our Chania holiday accommodation does not feel constricting or uptight. Make our Crete family accommodation your choice for child-friendly holidays this year. You can relax knowing that we welcome children at our property and even suit our services and amenities to their needs.


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A Chania rental villa may be the right choice for you if you wish to separate yourself from the crowd. Renting Greece holiday villas is not a difficult task, for nowadays information can be found for even the most secluded little rural villa. What sets apart Chania rental villa Thalló is that it can be suited to almost any needs.


Crete accommodation, Crete holidays, Chania vacation

The issue of Crete accommodation is not a difficult task to tackle. Crete, with its enviable climate which boasts dry summers and mild winters, has long been known as Europe's vacation spot! Nowadays, with the fast development of the tourist industry, one can find myriads of opportunities for activities on this sunny island. It's no wonder Crete has become one of Europe's most popular holiday and vacation destinations.